Our Corporate Vision

International Gulf Trading Company is the country's leading fire safety equipment and security solutions provider. The past few years have been very productive for the company, as it has continued to acquire numerous and lucrative contracts with a variety of clients - both big and small.


IGTC has been able to achieve, maintain and increase its business, customer base and profitability is as a result of the company's Corporate Vision. This vision has two facets. Firstly, IGTC places an emphasis on the supply and installation of world-leading fire prevention, retardation and extinguishing equipment. This is in addition to a cutting-edge suite of security products. In short, we only supply the best.


Secondly, our products are selected, installed and maintained on site by a team of associates with experience, expertise and the appropriate qualifications to perform the job to the required standard. This is IGTC's commitment to excellence in customer service at all times.


These two 'strands' combine to present our overall vision: a safer Qatar for all, and that IGTC operates in a fashion that is beneficial to the community at large.


As our client roster grows, and as we complete each successful fire prevention or security installation, we gain that most valuable yet intangible of commodities: credibility. We believe in our vision of a safer Qatar, and when the customer believes in it too, then we have the right conditions for our ultimate aim: to grow, prosper, and contribute.